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Even with some photography knowledge, the best DSLR camera and the best lens, sometimes what a photographer needs is an extra bit of helpful information to guide them. Apps for photographers have become increasingly popular over the years and they have also become quite advanced with both the information that they are able to offer as well as the features that they come with.

Using a couple of photography apps when out on an Africa photo safari is a convenient way to reduce the amount of luggage you have to bring while still being able to improve your photos and also learn more about how to improve and craft your personal photography style. Some of the apps you can download focus purely on the aesthetics of the final images while others are a little more technical.

When selecting your apps, keep in mind that some are available to use for free while others are going to come at a price. Usually, though, the prices are quite low, so if you are looking for a lightweight way to benefit from having photographic technology in the palm of your hand, rather than having to bring along laptops and all, apps like these are a great alternative.

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  1. Camera+ 2

 This is one photography app that gets quite a lot of rave reviews. This app is designed to allow the user to create RAW files on their mobile phones when using manual mode, and it allows for the easy processing of RAW photos. The app will also allow you to do a little creative editing.

  1. The Photographer’s Companion

For the outdoor wildlife photographer, this app will come in very handy. Essentially, with The Photographers Companion, you can easily find out the sunrise and sunset times, it will give you depth of field calculations which will provide the information needed for your exposure settings and field of view, and the app has a built in light meter.

  1. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

To help you understand lighting a little bit easier, this app will give you information about how the light will fall, no matter where you are. With this app you will easily be able to figure out the golden hour and the blue hour, and you will also be able to see the position of the sun.

  1. Exposure Calculator

Exposure makes or breaks an image. If you don’t get it right, your photography will be blown out with intense highlights, or it will be so darkened with shadows that no details will be visible. Understanding exposure is made a little bit easier with a calculator like this one. After entering the variables you are working with, you’ll be given the settings to get your image just right.

  1. Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom has come to dominate the photo editing software scene, and it is a great tool to have if you want to bring out the best in your photo, or if you want to balance colour or lighting. With Adobe’s free Lightroom app, you can do some pretty intense editing, which is helpful if you are on the move and you are taking breath taking shots that you can’t wait to share.