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It’s an early winter morning just before sunrise in the Kruger National Park. We left camp very early in the hope to find some Lions. Last night they were roaring not far from camp. It’s a very cold morning and we are hoping to find them still sleeping on the road. As we come around the second bend there is something moving up ahead. LIONS!! We approach them, hearts pounding, a whole pride, including cubs and the dominant males! The sun has not yet shown itself. We position ourselves perfectly to get them backlit once the sun peaks over the horizon. They are all still half asleep except for the 2 males.

I can see they might start to announce their presence as the sun rises. We settle in with cameras ready for that magic moment if the sun appeared and the males start to roar. As soon as the sun breaks the horizon, the two male start roaring at full might a mere 10 meters from our vehicle. Shivers run down our spines as we witness this incredible show of power. With each roar it gets louder then… the characteristic “huhh… huhh… huhhhh”.

I look at my guests and all I can see on their faces is utter disbelieve and appreciation of what mother nature just presented to them… that is what I want to see and experience with every guest of mine! There is no greater joy for me as a Nature and Photography Guide to see the utter appreciation and disbelieve on someone’s face who has just witnessed and seen something that they have dreamt of seeing their whole life!

“Come and experience the thrill of photographing Africa’s amazing wildlife with Wild Photo Africa and go home to tell a story that is fitting and worthy to accompany your amazing photos.”

Hi, my name is Mario Paul

I am the owner and Photographic Guide of Wild Photo Africa Safaris. My passion has always been wildlife and that led me to become a Qualified Nature and Back-Up Trails Guide. My interest in safari photography evolved because of my work. I wanted to show the beauty of our wildlife to the world. Through this, my passion for African safari photography grew and I soon realized I can help guests on my vehicle to take better photos, understand their camera better and show them how to become creative with their photography.

Because of my vast knowledge and experience with wildlife I can help photographers to ready themselves for a shot before it happens and thus increases the photographer’s chances of bagging that perfect photograph. This is how Wild Photo Africa was born.

My vision and mission for Wild Photo Africa is to provide the photographer, be it a beginner or a pro, with the best possible opportunity and experience to capture that perfect moment in time. We are focused on getting results but equally important for me is that it is an experience when you come on safari with us. Taking photos is only part of what we do, and we want you to be able to experience Africa and have a good time as well. There is no worth in going home with some incredible shots, but you don’t have stories and memories to go with those photos. We want to give you the chance fully experience Africa along with getting some amazing photos. Further our aim is to teach our guests about the natural world and its beauty and to explain how every little thing has its place and duty in the natural world. This will also enhance the guests experience because there will be more appreciation of the subjects they are photographing.

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