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It’s an early winter morning just before sunrise in the Kruger National Park. We left camp very early in the hope to find some Lions. Last night they were roaring not far from camp. It’s a very cold morning and we are hoping to find them still sleeping on the road. As we come around the second bend there is something moving up ahead. LIONS!!


We approach them, hearts pounding, a whole pride, including cubs and the dominant males! The sun has not yet shown itself. We position ourselves perfectly to get them backlit once the sun peaks over the horizon.

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  • Absolutely professional!!!!

    Carel Pretorius
  • Marvelous…..Fantastic work…..Can’t stop viewing…..I shall post them so my friends all over must see and plan a visit……

    Mega Corp Safaris
  • yes will recommend him, fantastic shots

    Riaan van Blerk
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Kruger National Park

“Where 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life forms comes together with a rich history and archaeology. This is real untamed Africa where animals still can roam freely and continue with life as they did hundreds of years ago. The Kruger National park offers incredible wildlife sightings and ranks as one of the best in Africa.”

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